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Dr. Sarika Yadav Israni and Team

Dr. Sarika Yadav Israni Dr. Sarika Yadav Israni

Dr. Sarika Yadav Israni is known for her gentle and creative touch. She helps each of her patients in improving their dental health, appearance, and self-esteem by creating the beautiful smile of their dreams, and also maintaining overall dental health.

Dr. Sarika Yadav Israni completed her BDS in 2002 from D. A. V. {C} Dental College, Yamunanagar, Haryana and completed her masters (MDS) degree specialization in Conservative dentistry & Endodontics at Rajiv Gandhi University V. S. Dental College and Hospital, Bangalore in 2006.

Advanced education and excellence in dental study allows her to offer her patients a good quality of dental experience and, an exceptionally good level of care with the use of latest dental technology.

We at Purete dental equipped with most advanced technologies. We offer the most advance dental LASER Technology, Waterlase iPlus, the only had and soft tissue laser - first time in India, intra-oral cameras ,digital X-Rays, diagnostic lasers.

Why Purete Dental?

We realize that choosing the right dental clinic to meet your family and your own dental needs is of most importance to you. So the question arise why choose us?

Our dentists undergo extensive training worldwide to keep at the forefront of the latest skills and developments in dentistry field. We use in the latest technology to make your visit a truly memorable experience and to provide the finest dentistry available.

Technologies such as:

  • Water laser dentistry - the biggest breakthrough in general dentistry since anesthetic. We are proud to be the only practice in Scotland and a small group worldwide to provide water laser dentistry - no pain, no vibration, no anesthetic and less time to have your fillings.
  • T - Scan digital bite analyzer - digitally maps your bite to detect minute problems which can develop into much bigger problems later.
  • Diagnodent laser early decay detector - early detection means less apprehension and less expense.
  • Digital Scans and x-rays viewed on high definition screens - less radiation but more accuracy and clarity.
  • In mouth and face cameras allowing you to visualize any problems.
  • Computerized record systems for maximal data protection.
  • A highly qualified, enthusiastic and experienced dental hygienist - providing maintenance and beauty treatments.
  • Anesthetic gel - in most cases eliminating the need for injections for gum treatment and some other treatments.
  • Cad-Cam driven Implant dentistry - more accuracy, more safety and less time in the chair.
  • Orthodontic treatment that looks at your whole body alignment, not just your teeth. Mostly extractions are not necessary.
  • The removal of mercury (amalgam) fillings is performed under a safe and strict procedure. We are the only mercury-free practice in Green Park New Delhi.